Convenient behind the Lok Sabha-Vidhan Sabha election, EC’s decision not easy in Kashmir


The dates of the Lok Sabha election 2019 have been announced. With this the question has started to rise. Most questions are being asked to not get assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir with the Lok Sabha. In the valley, all the mainstream political parties have asked the Election Commission that when there is an atmosphere to hold Lok Sabha elections, why not for the assembly? But if the experts believe that it is difficult to make assembly elections in today’s environment.

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has said that all the parties want elections in the state (Lok Sabha and Assembly) together. If the atmosphere is right for the Lok Sabha elections then why not for the state elections? Local elections are completed here peacefully, adequate security forces are deployed in the valley, yet why are not the elections of the state? At the same time, former Chief Minister and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has said that not allowing people to vote for the government is against the idea of ​​democracy. Apart from this, an agenda is being worked out on a time-consuming strategy to isolate people, which is in line with their (Central Government) indirect objectives.

Election Commission has decided not to hold the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections, citing safety. Earlier, a team of the EC had gone to take stock of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Senior journalist and Rahul Jalali, who closely watched the politics of Jammu and Kashmir, said that a series of action has been initiated by the action taken after the Pulwama terror attack. It can be a problem to hold assembly elections by stopping it. In the Vidhan Sabha elections, there would be more candidates than the Lok Sabha, so it could be difficult to give security to everyone in today’s environment. Please tell that there are 6 Lok Sabha seats in Jammu and Kashmir and 87 seats in the Vidhan Sabha.

JNU Professor Amitabh Mattoo believes that due to security reasons assembly elections in 87 seats can be difficult. Therefore, the EC wants to take one step at a time. Take the first Lok Sabha election, for example, if the situation is correct then further assembly elections will be held. Pro. Amitabh Mattoo says that it would have been better if there was a democratically elected government in the state. But if the percentage of polling is very low which is expected more then the assembly elections would be a joke.

The mainstream parties in Jammu and Kashmir are presenting the decision to not hold assembly elections as a defeat of democracy. Senior journalist Rahul Jalali says that these are the same groups who boycotted the Panchayat elections, why they did not remember democracy, these parties who have been living in power for decades have not been able to implement the 73rd and 74th Amendment till date. . Under which Panchayats and bodies get strength While the EC had said in its press conference on Sunday that despite elected panchayat elections in the state, elected representatives are forced to stay in government bungalows due to security reasons.

In recent days, continuous action has been taken against the separatist forces in the valley.They inspire people who do not want to join the democratic process. Rahul Jalali believes that the effect of action on separatists will not be seen as soon as they have access to administration, school and other institutions. So it can take 5 to 6 months to see the effect.But the government and political parties have to seriously consider the option of separatists.

Rahul Jalali believes that the Election Commission should have given some gesture to the assembly elections. If the Election Commission would tell a possible time frame, then there is no controversy that is happening today.