Elections will be held from 11th April, there are still remaining in these states. Board Examinations


The dates of the Lok Sabha election 2019 have been announced. According to EC schedule, Lok Sabha elections will be organized in 7 phases across the country. Voting for the first phase will start on April 11. There are several boarding exams in many states. In such cases, the states of which the board exams have ended and the board exams of which states are yet to be done.

CBSE board examination

Class 10:  Class 10th CBSE board examination began on February 21 and will end on March 29

Class 12:  Class XII examination started from 15th February and will run until April 3.Clearly, the CBSE board examination will end before April 11. Let us know, CBSE has decided to declare results till May 10. However, there is no information about whether the results of class 10 and class 12 will be announced simultaneously on May 10.

Haryana Board

Class 10: The examination was organized on 8th March. The examination will end on March 30, 2019.

Class 12: The date of commencement of examination was 7 March 2019, the examination concluded on April 4, 2019.

Rajasthan Board

Class 10: The  examination will be conducted from 14th March and the examination will end on 27th March.

Class 12: Class XII examinations started from March 7, 2019. These examinations will end on April 2, 2019.

Chhattisgarh Board

Class 10: Examination will start from March 1 and end on 23rd March.

Class 12: Examination will start from March 2 and run till March 29.

Madhya Pradesh Board

Class 10: Examination will start from March 1 and end on 23rd March.

Class 12: Examination will start from March 2 and run till 2 April.

ICSE and ISC Board 2019

Class 10: ICSE examinations will start from 22nd February and will continue till 25th March.

Class 12: The   ISC 12th exams will start from February 4 and run till March 25.  

Himachal Pradesh Board

Class 10: The exams started on March 7 and will end on March 20.

Class 12: Class XII board exams are being held from 6 March to 29 March.

Gujarat board

Class 10 (SSC): March 7 to March 19, 2019.

Class X (HSC)

GSEB HSC Science: March 7 to March 16, 2019.

GSEB HSC General: March 7 to March 23, 2019

GSEB Vocational Course: March 13 to March 23, 2019

Maharashtra Board

Class 10: Class X examination started from March 1, 2019, the examination will end on March 22, 2019.

Class 12:  XII examination started from 21st February 2019. The examinations are going away on March 20, 2019.

The board examinations of these states have ended

UP Board 

Class 10: Class X board examinations ended on February 28.

Class 12: Class 12th board examinations were abolished on 2 March.

Bihar Board

Class 10: 10th class was organized on February 21, after which the examination examination was terminated on 28th February.

Class 12: The examination was conducted on 6th February. After which the examination was terminated on February 16.

Let me know The results of the 17th Lok Sabha elections will be held on May 23. Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal are the states where votes will be cast in seven phases.