Ways to Teach Cooperation in Early Childhood

Cooperation plays a very crucial role in the overall development of a child making them more social and pro active. Cooperation implies working together and helping others. When kids learn to cooperate they develop more positive social relations and are better at making friends. However, young children tend to egocentric, wanting for all the attention. But as they grow up they develop more social awareness and learn to care about other people, their feelings and perspectives. For a healthy development of their personality it is essential that children are taught cooperation at an early age.
Ways to teach cooperation in early childhood, vagishwari world School

Here are some ways to teach cooperation in early childhood.

  • Cooperation is a big word and a complicated skill for young children. Hence the process needs to broken down into simpler steps so as to enable them to effectively absorb the values of cooperation.
  • Children are best at imitating and this is an effective way to teach cooperation to children. Encouraging turn taking enables them to imitate the behaviours and act so in return thus learning the process of cooperation in the process.
  • To teach children the value of cooperation, the parents should start doing chores together with their children starting it at an early age.
  • Giving praises and acknowledging their cooperative efforts works a great way towards developing the cooperative skills in children.
  • Researches have shown that suggestions elicit cooperation rather than command which often evokes resistance in young children. Therefore it is advisable to suggest children so as to make them do certain things rather than commanding them.
  • Role playing can be one of the effective ways to teach cooperation in early childhood. By taking up role play new skills can be developed in the children and help them in becoming more successful at cooperating tasks in the future.
  • Another effective way to teach children cooperation at early childhood is to engage them in games and activities that require working out together.

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