Ways to create moisture control buildings


Moisture control is essential to the proper functioning of any building. Controlling moisture is necessary to protect the occupants from adverse health issues and maintain the structure of the building that could gets ruined due to the moisture that gets accumulated. In many cases the moisture problem are a result of poor decisions in deigns, construction and maintenance.  Prolonged damp conditions can lead to the colonization of building materials and HVAC systems by moulds, bacteria, wood decaying moulds and insect pests such as termites and carpenter ants. Moisture can also lead to chemical damage of the building where the structural fasteners, wiring, metal rotting and conditioning coils stats to corrode and flooring and roofing adhesives starts coming out. Part from these paints and varnishes also gets damaged, wooden materials starts to warp, smell or rot and the brick starts getting damaged during freeze-thaw cycles and by sub surface salt deposits.The building must thus be constricted in such a way so as to control the moisture content.

  • An effective way of moisture control is to keep the liquid water out of the building. Rain water, surface water or ground water can sometimes get in through leaks, roofs, walls etc damaging the building. It should be taken care that such sources of water are prevented from entering inside the building. It should also be taken care the pipes, supply lines, showers etc are not leaking.


  • The building should be made up of moisture tolerant materials. Materials such as stainless steel, copper, china and porcelain tiles contain no nutrients to support the growth of moulds or bacteria. They even do not absorb water and remains wet all the time. Such materials therefore have been long being used in kitchen, bathroom and entryways that tend to get wet easily.


  • Apart from these proper designing of the foundation can also lead to moisture control. Reducing water infiltration into the soil surrounding the building using a barrier at or slightly beneath the surface can also effective control the moisture content


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