Importance of good teacher student relationship in school

Someone has very rightly opined that schools are our second home. It is in schools that we spend the majority of our childhood learning new things every day to adapt ourselves to the changing needs of the society. It is the teachers in the schools who guide us through the way of establishing our future.
Importance of good teacher student relationship in school, vagishwari world school
Teachers play a significant role in the lives of the children and hence the importance of a good teacher-student relationship cannot be undermined. The positive teacher-student relationship is very much essential for the overall healthy development of the child both mentally a well as academically. A positive teacher-student relationship is very much crucial because of the following-
  • A positive teacher-student relationship makes the classroom a safe learning-friendly environment that encourages the students to make themselves more productive in the learning process.
  • A good teacher-student relationship aids in improving a child’s attitude towards classwork. When students start recognizing that the teacher truly wants the best of them, they tend to willingly work harder on the classwork given to them.
  • students having a good relationship with the teacher generally show improved academic performances. This is because of the fact that a good relationship between the teacher and the student enables the student to open up about their academic difficulties to their teacher. The teacher also comes up with effective methods to address the academic problems of their students.
  • the positive relationship between teachers and students develops the self-worth of the students. When a teacher gives equal opportunity to all students to participate in class discussions, praise them and express confidence in the ability of their students, the students tend to develop the sense of self-worth within themselves.
  • A good teacher-student relationship prevents behavioral problems in students. By building a stronger relationship with their students’ teachers can help their students overcome many behavioral problems.

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