Ideas for elder friendly home design


The home design ideas trending now a days are generally the luxurious ones, having all the luxuries the young generation strives for. But such homes can bring certain problems for the elderly to live in. The old people require a place of their own that provides them with the comfort required in their old age. Let us have a look at some of the ideas to create elder friendly home deigns.

  • Friendly floors- slippery surfaces are prone to accidents especially for the old people. The flooring must be done with anti-skipping materials and can be slip resistant by adding non-skid mats under area rugs. The trip points in the houses should also be eliminated which possess equal danger of accidents. Hence it is better to either eliminate the trip points or lower their heights. Low pile carpeting is considered to be safe for those using walkers.


  • Safe stairs- though it is better for older people to live in one level housing but in cases that demands them to live in more than one storey houses, hand rails should be provided on the staircase so as to provide them a support while using them. It should also be ensured that the entire staircase is well lighted to prevent falls.


  • Better baths-there are higher risks of accidents taking place in the baths as they always remain wet. To ensure the safety of the elder people grab bars should be provided by the toilets. A step-in shower, single handled faucet and hand held showers should be fitted in the bathrooms for elderly people, to reduce the risk of any mishaps.


  • Well lighted place- to create an elder friendly home it should be ensured that the entire house is well lighted as dark rooms are an invitation to a bump or a fall.


  • Easy on hands-replacing the door knobs with lever style hardware makes it much easier for the elderly people.


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