Growth Happens Faster With The Availability Of An Emotional Anchor

A business comprises of a number of employees and each individual has different capacities and abilities and works at different positions within the firm. It is seen that where there is emotional connect prospects of growth is higher. Humans and emotions go hand in hand. Some can be emotionally strong and others weak. Those who are weak need some emotional anchorage. It can be so that a person at a higher position may not be emotionally strong but a person at a lower rung may be strong emotionally says Jignesh Barasara.Emotional Anchor

But one at the helm or a leader cannot afford to be emotionally weak. They need to be a support system for the employees at the office and work. For all the employees the leader needs to be an emotional anchor. An office that has such a leader can climb the success path with ease. Now, what has business and emotion to do with each other.

There is a big connection between business and human beings and the latter are full of emotions. So does it not imply that these two are connected indirectly. There is so much other connected to the business world too like work, space, technology, life, skills among others.

People come to an office to work and each is allotted some space to work at the venue. Each one works at a different capacity according to their post. A few are highly skilled while others may be just average and might find it difficult to cope with the work. Some may be happy about their job and everything related to it but others may not and each one’s reaction to this may be different. There may be some grumble and complaint when there is dissatisfaction. This may reach the higher-ups. It is a test for the one at the helm like the manager, CEO or owner how he or she handles this situation. A good leader would try to connect with the employees and would try to solve their issues at hand and find some practical solutions to their complaints. With this solution, there would be no room for further grumble or complaint.

On the other hand, some leaders may not show much concern for the wellbeing of the employees. For them just work should be done, and targets met all on time. here they are a lot of emotional disconnects while in the former case there is strong emotional anchorage.

In the latter case there may not be personal growth nor can there be any development on the business front. The former case is just the opposite of it. because of emotional connect and satisfaction there can be more effective on the part of the employees. They would be willing to improve their skills and adapt to technology and pave the way for their personal growth. When more and more efficient people work in a venture there can be more boost for the business. Hence the one at the top should always be an emotional anchor this will help the growth faster.