Women’s Cricket A Step Toward Women Empowerment


Cricket is a very popular sport played across several countries in the world. First started in England it has spread to many countries now. It was a sport played by men but now even women play this sport.

The match played on 27 July 1745 between 11 maids of Hambledon vs. 11 maids of Bramley is the first recorded women’s cricket match.  Since then women have been playing cricket at various levels too.women’s cricket

Now we have three formats of cricket, the test matches, ODI- one day international and the t20- twenty20. Women also play all these formats. Test matches, as well as ODI and t20 matches, are held between different countries from time to time.

At present 10 countries in the world have registered cricket teams with the ICC the cricket highest cricket board in the world. Tournaments and matches are held frequently between these teams at the international level.

Women’s ODI is being held since the year 1973 at the global level. Since its inception, 9 women’s cricket world cup events have been held and different teams like Australia, New Zealand, and England have shared the titles.

The shorter format the t20 is the latest edition of cricket. The women’s cricket too introduced this format in 2004. It grew rapidly in popularity and in 2009 the first ICC women’s world twenty20 was held.

The latest tournament is being held in England from 24 June 2017 to 23 July 2017. Totally eight teams are participating in it after being qualified for the same.

Usually, only men’s cricket gets prominence on the TV broadcast. This


time 10 of the total 31 women cricket matches will be telecast live. The rest 21 will be streamed live. This can be accessed via the ICC website.

For the first time, DRS has been introduced to the women’s cricket. This is the umpire decision review. This technology based sports review is used when the umpire is not able to take the correct decision whether the batsmen is out or no.

With so much of achievement on the field, the women have proved that they are not less than the men. They have paved the way toward women empowerment playing cricket which is equal to that played by men.

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