Who is Sasikala? You should know about Tamil Nadu’s next CM


Sasikala Natarajan is officially J Jayalalithaa’s successor. She was recently appointed AIADMK’s general secretary at the party council meeting.

Precisely following 2 months of the death of AIADMK supremo, Sasikala was unanimously chosen the new CM of the state.



Here’s a little trivia about the new CM to be:

  • Sasikala belongs to Mannargudi town of Tamil Nadu. She became friends with Jayalalithaa, then a successful film star and a rising politician whom she met for the first time in 1980 through a common friend IAS officer VS Chandralekha.
  • She was the owner of a video recording venture back in 1980, Sasikala and Jayalalitha became close when she got a contract to record one of Jayalalitha’s party functions when Jayalalitha had just become the secretary of All India Anna DravidaMunnetraKazhagam (AIADMK)
  • Sasikala and Jayalalithaa gradually became very close. In an interview, Jayalalithaaevensaid, “Sasikala to me is the sister I never had. And she has taken my mother’s place, she looks after me.”
  • She was one of only a handful couple of supporters left with Jayalalithaa when the last was offended at political coach and genius MG Ramachandran’s memorial service in 1987. Before long, she moved in with Jayalalithaa to help run her Poes Garden home
  • Alongside Jayalalithaa, Sasikala was sentenced to 4 years detainment by a special court in Bangalore on 27 September 2014. Saskikala was solicited to pay a fine from Rs 10 crore. She put in a year in prison in the Tonsil and scam.
  • In 2011, Sasikala was tossed out by Jayalalithaa fromher Poes Garden residence. Reports said she ran over an intrigue that  ‘Sasikala- TheMannargudi Mafia’ was plotting a coup against her. Her relatives and supporters were additionally ousted from the party.

Jayalalithaa needed to face a lot of criticism due to Sasikala’s family. Inside a year, Jayalalithaa took her once again into the  party after she pledged to separate her ties with every one of her relatives and to present with no open desire to be in politics

  • Sasikala belongs to the politically important Thevar community. She’s known to have helped a lot of people in her community. As both Sasikala and CM Pannerselvam belong to the same caste, party workers of other castes are feeling a sense of imbalance.
  • Sasikala’s association in the workings of AIADMK developed in the most recent decade, particularly after Jayalalithaa’s health crumbled and after she went to prison. Be that as it may, Sasikala has never held any official post in the gathering or government.

Sasikala continues to stay postJayalalithaa’s death. She’s developed as a paste for the party pioneers, who require a ‘high order’. At any rate for the present, she’s possessed the capacity to keep the rush together.

The general population of Tamil Nadu has never heard Sasikala’s voice as she’s never spoken publicly. In light of her debasement cases, questionable relatives, ejection from the gathering, and various gossipy tidbits spread by her depreciators inside the gathering, her recognition in broad daylight aren’t incredible.

So the important question is will the people of Tamil Nadu acknowledge her?