What to Wear in Hot Sweaty Indian Summer



Anywhere in the world, summer seasons are tough to handle and especially when we talk about our country India, summers are quite hot, humid, sweaty and becomes really difficult to tolerate. In south India due o the influence of coastal climate, summers are a bit mild but humid and sweaty but when we travel to the northern parts of our country, summers literally has the feeling of standing in a hot pot of fire. Going out in this hot and humid condition is extremely tough and can result in extreme dehydration. However, choosing the right kind of fabric can give you a lot of comfort from the unbearable heat of the sun.

Here are the different types of clothes one should always try in the summer seasons-

Stick To Cotton Fabrics – Cotton Fabrics absorbs the excess sweat from the body and prevents it from evaporation thus not allowing dehydration from the body. It works like a towel and prevents the growth of bacteria and yeast in the body. This makes cotton the ideal fabric for summer as it keeps the body cool and protects it from infections.

Opt for light Colour outfits– Light colours such as white, yellow, light blue and other lighter shades of colour reflects back the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Therefore, it does not trap the heat and maintains cool body temperature. On the other hand dark colours absorb heat and make your body even hotter. Thus, one should always opt for light colour outfits in summer.

Loose Clothes – In summer, the blood vessels dilate in order to cool the body by releasing the excessive heat from the skin. Loose fitting clothes enhance this circulation and hence help to maintain the optimum body temperature.

Choose right clothing styles– Often people like to wear short dresses and sleeveless clothes in summer in order to keep them cool. However, these are not the ideal outfits as the body gets fully exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun and therefore gets prone to tanning and heat rashes. Therefore, outfits in summer should ideally cover the whole body and it be light enough to not to bear any extra weight of it.

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