Enroll Your Kids At The Top Rated School | Vagishwari World School

When it comes to making a decision to enroll your kid in the school, it becomes a huge task as there are many nurseries or play schools claiming to be the best one. However, high fees, not-so-good infrastructure and academic pressure makes you think twice before getting the admission.

A school has to be ahead of the time, with modern teaching method, creative activities and homely feeling. This is where Vagishwari World School, comes to the role. Being one of the Top 10 schools in Uttam Nagar West, this school has earned good positive reviews for its infrastructure and creative teaching methods.

Vagishwari World School

We at Vagishwari World School have led the foundation of the second home learning environment, making kids to have homely feeling and enjoy the company of teachers and other kids. Since day 1, the child is taught different aspects of life and creative stuff. Kids undergo various creative activities and are also taken to field trips including the water sports, exhibitions & historical gardens & monuments.

What makes us Top Rated?

Since we are one of the Best primary schools in Uttam Nagar West, we ensure that every kid enjoys the learning methods under our trained teachers. We believe that school is not just about learning, but also making good memories. Our holistic learning approach which includes the practical learning method helps in raising kids as better citizen for tomorrow. We have a classroom learning sessions, designed to help kids to learn about group work, problem-solving, role-playing, etc.

The school infrastructure plays another big role that makes us  one of the Best play school in Uttam Nagar West. Being a play school we have all those amenities that satisfy kids and their needs. The ultimate aim is to create a strong bond with kids and also make them feel comfortable when away from home.

Defining Education with Art:

We also allow kids to discover their artistic nature by taking up the different process of art. If they love colours, then we help  them with the art activities to explore the hidden talent. This is the part of the child development process which Vagishwari World School undertakes. The school is presently the best learning centre for kids to enjoy and have a promising growth ahead.

About Vagishwari World School:

Vagishwari World School is one of the Top 10 schools in Uttam Nagar West promoting creativity and quality education for kids. The curriculum is designed not to focus only on kids’ academic growth, but also in their personal growth. We believe that education is the right of every child and we take every possible step. With highly trained teachers and good infrastructure, we continue to be among the Best primary schools in Uttam Nagar West. Check out our online registration and connect with us for the admission of your kid.