How to take care of twin pregnancy


Being pregnant with twins is both exciting and scary. It takes lot of hard work and special care to carry the twin babies. Twin pregnancy brings with itself unique challenges as it implies extra care and precaution. Carrying more than one baby requires oneself to be more precautionary about ones daily lifestyle until delivery. The best tips to take care of twin pregnancy are as such.twin pregnancy

  • The golden rule of eating healthy and eating for three applies to twin pregnancies. The expecting mother should consume nutrients apt for three. Ones calories needs to go up to 600 calories per day when one is expecting twin babies. There should be inclusion of lean protein, prenatal vitamins, 1mg of folic acid, iron supplements and 5- 7 servings of fruits should be included in ones diet.
  • Mothers with twin babies are at high risk pregnancy that might include preterm labour and cesarean birth. One needs to make an appointment with high risk specialist to take all the possible precautions.
  • Staying healthy is of utmost necessity during pregnancy be it with singles or with twins. Joint and back pains are frequent occurrences and of more intensity especially during twin pregnancy. Gentle exercises such as yoga brings relief to such joint and back aches and also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes caused by the placenta secreting an anti- insulin hormone.
  • Consulting with your doctor for the right amount of weight gain should be one of the utmost necessity during twin pregnancy.
  • Proper hydration is necessary during twin pregnancy. Generally 12- 14 glasses of water intake is recommended.
  • Women in 20 weeks of pregnancy are recommended to start sleeping on their side but during twin pregnancy, 16 weeks is suggested.
  • The importance of regular visits to your gynaecologistand discussing with them your physical and mental state should not be undermined.
  • Twin pregnancy brings with itself the increased chances of preeclampsia, a condition in which the expecting mother has increased blood pressure, protein in their urine and more swelling. Taking proper precaution for preeclampsia is essential during twin pregnancy.