Home elevators- A Rising Trend in Residential Building


Today’s world is witnessing a rapid rate of industrialisation and expansion of the global market. And with the increase in industrialization the world population is also increasing at an alarming rate. The amount of land required to accommodate the growing population is falling too short. But thanks to modern technology that has a solution to almost every problem. High storey residential buildings are now being constructed that has the capability of accommodates a minimum of ten families. Tall residential buildings are a common sight almost everywhere. And to have access to the highest point of the building modern technology have granted us the boon of elevators, that can transport passengers to the even the highest point of the building with much ease. An elevator or lift is a vertical transport vehicle that moves people and even goods between floors of a building. Let us have a look at the importance of elevators in residential buildings.

  • it gives a quick and easy access to all the floors of the building.


  • it makes the highest point in the building easy accessible.


  • it has proved to be of much helpful to the old, pregnant woman and the disabled, who would otherwise had to undergo great physical disability in climbing the stairs to reach their destination.


  • carrying goods through staircases has always been a bone breaking job, but with the invention of elevator this task has also become quite easier. The elevators are even capable of carryings goods between different floors of the building.


  • the elevators are noticeably faster in the execution of their movements, than our legs.


  • adding an elevator to a residential building even increases the property value as majority of homebuyers today gets attracted to buildings featuring elevator access.


  • having an elevator also adds in reducing the risk of accidents that might occur while going up or down a staircase.


  • installing an elevator in the residential building also adds to the air of sophistication of the building.