Trends of the automobile industry in this year


The recent years has witnessed an increasing trend in the demand of the automobile industry. The automobile industry has been increasing in leaps and bounds. The year 2018 has brought with itself many challenges for a number of industries. To efficiently face these challenges and score successfully in it the automobile industry has already set up the stage for latest innovations and investment from stakeholders. Let us have a look at the trends of automobile industry in this year.automobile industry

  • crossover vehicles– the crossover vehicle has already been a big hit for today’s generation who prefer an SUV with fuel and operational cost-effectiveness. Crossover vehicles are a mix between regular Sedans and SUVs that are a fine blend for both comfort as well as style.
  • car sharing– experts in the automobile industry has found that over the past few years the emotional attachment that people used o have with their cars has decreased considerably. This has given way to the trend of car sharing, which is also an outcome of the ‘go green’ initiative to reduce carbon footprints.
  • electric cars– the decline in the amount of non renewable resources has been a major push for the production of electric cars. The concern over the declining condition of the environment has lead to an increase in the trend of electric cars. Figures show that in 2018, the sale of electric cars is expected to cross 5% in the UK market and reach close to 12% in the US market.
  • multi-terrain vehicles– the automobile industry has come up with the production of multi-terrain vehicles designed to provide the much-needed comfort and ease of operation in the terrain areas.
  • autonomous vehicles– the benefits such as reduced accidents, better traffic management and increased passenger comfort of the autonomous vehicles is definitely something to look forward in 2018.

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