Scope of travel and tourism as a career in India


Traveling is an inevitable part of human beings life. Be it the earlier days or today’s modern times or for leisure, business or other purposes, traveling remains an important part of our life. However in the recent years because of development in the means if affordable means of transport and communication, traveling has become quite easier. Owing to this increasing trend in the field of traveling, the traveling and tourism department came into existence so as to make the travel trips for a man more convenient. Travel and tourism have become a demanding field as a career prospectus, which has experienced exponential growth in the recent years. The scope of travel and tourism as a career in India are many such as.


  • a career in travel and tourism in India brings in the scope of working in the tourism department under the central ministry that not only has a handsome salary package but other beneficiaries as well.
  • one also gets the opportunity to get recruited in the airlines as well working as ground staff, flight staff such as air hostess or stewards or even in the field of traffics assistance, reservation and counter staff.
  • a career in travel and tourism also brings in the option of being travel agents who make the best travel arrangements for businessmen and those who wish to travel, which has become high in demand job.
  • a career in travel and tourism also brings with itself the option of getting absorbed in the hotel industry that has a plethora of job offers to provide such as front office, housekeeping, accounting, public relations and security, maintenance etc.
  • a tour operator is another such area that the field of tourism and travel has to offer as a career prospectus. A tour operator is the one organizes tours to various travel locations and even manage the travel and stay of tourists at the travel locations.

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