Top 5 Superfoods That Encourage Good Mood

Superfoods That Encourage Good Mood
The happy and healthy life is all that we want but there is so much stress in today’s fast life. Personal and professional stress is taking the toll on you.We work day and night to give self and our family a happy life. But in this midst of this stress, we end up ignoring good food that plays a major role in making a good mood.

Apart from healthy foods, meditation, Yoga, spending time with family, friends lead to a happy life and release the stress out of our mind.

When we talk about food, we are not just talking about normal foods, but superfoods. Yes!! According to Dr.

Vipul Tyagi, these superfoods are a great alternative to change our mood and also work on keeping our body healthy.

Let us now check these 5 super foods that encourage good mood and should be in your diet regime.

  • CHOCOLATE– Good news for all the chocolate lovers. A very high-quality raw cocoa, chocolate is one of the best foods to uplift our mood.It is a rich source of antioxidant. It reduces the stress hormone called cortisol. It also releases dopamine and oxytocin in the brain that leaves us in the state of bliss.

    Those who don’t have clinical depression or anxiety can use little mood boost. Isn’t it great if could be more calm and energetic? That too with everyone’s favorite CHOCOLATE.

  • MATCHA– A study discovered that 5 cups of green tea a day can lower the psychological stress. Matcha green tea is a powdered form of green tea that has concentrated levels of nutrients that are found in green tea.It has caffeine and L-theanine in it that helps to improve mood and energy. Combining these two ingredients results in perfect energy balance.

    Caffeine stimulates and uplifts. L-theanine calms and relaxes. It is commonly used by Buddhists.

  • Banana– banana is a miracle food to cure depression and uplift your mood. Banana contains vitamin B6, A, and C. It also has fiber, tryptophan, potassium, phosphorus, iron, protein, and healthy carbohydrates.When we eat a banana it gives a quick boost and sustains energy from fiber that prevents blood sugar and gives energy and uplift mood.

    For a good mood boosting smoothie blend a banana with a handful of spinach and tablespoon of flaxseed and half cup of apple juice.

    It will reduce the risk of depression and uplifts mood.

  • Walnuts– walnut contains components that encourage a good mood. It also has omega 3, vitamin B6, protein and folate. Omega 3s has high blood level which has been linked with good mood and lower rates of depression.Walnut has one more substance called uridine that plays an important role in boosting metabolize carbohydrates which work in the same way as antidepressant medicines.

    The recommended dosage of omega 3 oils by experts is 1 gram per day.

  • Dark leafy green– dark leafy greens are rich in nutrients which include fiber that balance blood sugar, vitamin B that boost the functioning of brain and iron. Iron helps to increase energy and energy leads to positive feeling.Spinach, kale, collards, swiss chard, and mustard greens are few dark leafy greens. Try adopting different ways to add them to your diet.

There is no doubt that these superfoods are a great stress buster and consuming it on the regular basis will be of great help in long-term.