Top 5 Simple Pregnancy Exercise for Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Exercise

When a woman enters into a pregnancy period, there are lots of things to consider for safe delivery. From diet to workout, every aspect is important to consider. Exercise plays an important part during the pregnancy period helping your body to stay active.

According to Dr. Garima Tyagi, the workout is important and doing it in the right way is also essential. You need to make sure that these exercises are simple. Pregnant women who follow exercise have less back pain and gain more energy.

If you are pregnant and looking for some safe and simple workout session, then here are some of the options you can consider performing on the daily basis:

  1. Plie-

To perform this activity, stand parallel to the back of the sturdy chair and hands close to the chair. Keep feet parallel and hip distance apart.

With the help of your toes and knees, turn 45 degrees; pull your belly button up. Then bend your knees by lowering the torso as low as possible keeping your back straight.

On the final stage, straighten your legs for returning to your initial position. By doing this, your hamstrings and butt improve.

  1. Side Lying Inner and Outer Thigh:

Lie on the right side; support your head with a forearm. Bend your right leg at45 degree angle and left leg straight. Now place your opposite arm on the floor to get stability.

Now bend your left knee and rest it on the top of pillows to get support. Straighten your right less and lift as high. Perform this for few stretches. By doing this, your core and inner thighs will strengthen.

  1. Plank Exercise:

Get down on to your hands and knees, wrists directly under the shoulders. Then lift the knees and straighten your legs behind the body to get into straight line.

While performing this workout, don’t arch your back. By performing this workout, arms and back will get stronger.

  1. Curl and Lift:

To perform this exercise, sit on the edge of the sturdy chair with your back straight. Keep your feet on the floor and arms at your side.

Hold 5-8 pound weight item in each hand and facepalms towards your body. Bend your elbows and arms forming a 90-degree angle.

Keep your elbows bent and lift the weight towards shoulder height. By performing this workout, your biceps and shoulders get strengthen.

  1. One-Arm Row:

Use a sturdy chair and place your right knee on the chair and left foot on the floor. Now bend forward and your back parallel to the floor and place your right hand on the seat.

While doing this hold 5-to-8 pounds of weight in your left hand. Extend your arm toward the line of the shoulder. Now bend your left elbow up towards your arm forming a 90-degree angle. This workout helps to strengthen your back and biceps.