Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Designer Saree

Designer Saree
Saree is not just about the Indian culture or how an Indian woman should dress up after marriage or something that we have inherited from our ancestors.

In fact, saree is a synonym to grace, dignity and oomph factor in India. Bollywood is obsessed with six-yard attire that is a symbol of pious, elegance, sensibility and of course sensuality.

From Traditional Bandhani sarees from Gujarat to Banarasi Sarees or Bomkai from Orissa, this attire has never lost its charm and Bollywood has always tried ways of reinventing the styles and patterns to adorn it with a fusion of modern outlook.

Booming of the Designer Saree Industry

The textile industry has been booming with the demand of best of the quality and new designs/patterns of sarees not only because of its domestic demands but also international demand.

Recently, there was a debate about whether saree should be considered a fabric or a cloth and how GST should be levied on a simple saree and a designer saree? Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) said that if the sales price of the saree is below 1000/- then 5% GST will be levied and for sarees, more than 1000/- 125 GST will be levied.

This led to many raised eyebrows and disappointment as designer sarees are the thing in the country.

Especially, when it comes to wedding trousseau or festivals, still even the modern Indian women love to dress up in the sarees.

The changing Trend of Designer Saree

Designer sarees are the thing in the country thanks to the evolution of saree draping and styles in Bollywood industry.

For a wedding as well, woman opts for designer sarees as a normal middle-class woman or a working woman won’t wear a saree on daily basis. Gone are the days when woman saree was the primary and only outfit woman used to wear while working, dancing or even sleeping.

But now in this competitive time, when most of the women are working and have a formal dress code in the company the utility of saree has reduced.

Now, it has become formal attire for special occasions and festivals only but demand has shifted from simple to designer sarees.

Finding the Best wedding wear in Delhi

Designer wedding wear in Delhi is known for its variety and many leading designers have their showrooms in the capital where women can get designer sarees.

Being the fashion hub, there are unlimited options in Delhi and now as women wear sarees on special occasion they do not mind splurging on the best of the designs and labels.

But, having said that, there is another side of the coin as well; many women in rural areas and suburbs still wear simple cotton saree on daily basis and cost matters to them.

So, when it comes to designer sarees, Industry still is trying to finding a middle path between the cost of the saree and fine embellishments and embroidery that makes the saree alluring but yet costly.

Hence, as of now, designer sarees are still not what everybody can afford.

The demand for designer sarees has certainly changed, and it is witnessed in wedding seasons. During wedding seasons, you will find that brides look for high quality branded designer sarees.

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