It’s Time for Businesses to Enjoy Benefits with SpazeClub’s Co-working space


Benefits with SpazeClub’s Co-working space Working at home or at a cafe with the laptop can be draining at times because you need a space or privacy to concentrate on your business.

This space comes with their own set of challenges and frustrations at times. For many, this also represents that the business isn’t growing how it should be.

So this is when you need to push yourself and get a co-working space. SpazeClub brings you the chance to have your own space to run your business independently and in a structured atmosphere.

Co-working space by SpazeClub is for entrepreneurs or small business people who want to change their work environment.

SpazeClub offers some great space options that give complete office environment and all the facilities different from the home working desk.

Let us give you some brief benefits of co-working space from SpazeClub-

  • More Effective Work-

Compared to working from a cafe or home, the office environment creates more dedicated energy. According to one study by Office Vibe, co-working office environment made 64% of entrepreneurs more productive and 90% of entrepreneurs more confident. You will have more concentration level because you have invested in this co-working space.

  • More Connections-

SpazeClub when decided to come up with co-working space idea, the main aim was to help entrepreneurs more network. You can end up connecting with other entrepreneurs who will certainly help you in pitching your business ideas and getting clients.

  • No More Loneliness-

At times, you need a group of people around for fun and who can take your stress away. Working alone can be isolating and stressful at times.

So interacting with co-working can help you to take away the stress and work peacefully. SpazeClub has designed it every co-working space to give a happening environment for solo entrepreneurs.

  • Flexibility-

Once you start having your co-working space, you will learn the baggage that comes along. When you work solo by renting a space, you will need to sign the fixed-term lease, install infrastructure and pay the utility bills, which is eliminated in co-working space. This gives you the flexibility of working independently and having no concerns of extra expenses.

  • Emotional Support-

There are times when your business gets stuck and have no light of income; this can be an emotionally draining experience.

Stepping into this co-working space can help in overcoming the issue. Surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs will allow you to push forward and gain confidence.

SpazeClub’s co-working space is designed to offer you with such opportunity and get going.


SpazeClub is a hybrid between a co-working space and incubator based in Delhi NCR. It is the physical space and conceptual space, and like the notion of the Third Space, it is the transitional space – from what you are doing now to what you could be doing next.

SpazeClub is an environment based on design thinking: the integration of people, technology, and business to create new ideas and solve problems.

We apply the principles of good design – considered, responsible, intelligent design – to translate initial ideas into something more tangible, leveraging the skill sets and knowledge of our members to mitigate risks from the start.

SpazeClub is high-caliber networks of people who invest in seeing each other succeed. Our members are ambitious, accomplished, experienced, and modest and our open-plan layout fuels a culture of collaboration and participation. SpazeClub is proof that productivity is infectious and success breeds success.

For new companies and business people searching for a flexible place to begin their tech business in Delhi-NCR, SpazeClub offers a sustaining, strong group from which to develop.

SpazeClub is a network of workspaces allowing New Entrepreneurs and Startups flexible and affordable ways to begin, Manage & Grow their business. We offer a complete solution to start your company in Delhi-NCR by either sponsoring or partnering with you, obtaining a license and all within our furnished offices and facilities on affordable payment terms.