A Dream For Confectionary Lovers



Kiwi foods are one of the best snack manufacturers of India. It has been at the top for having a wide available range of candies, snacks and also confectionaries. Since its inception in 2004, Kiwi foods have been widely popularized by children and young adults. The products available are loved by people of all age groups.

The availability of good and healthy snacks in India is very limited. Fried and unhygienically cooked food are available easily which causes a lot of health issues for the people. In this era, to have a source of good healthy and equally delicious snacks and confectionaries is a blessing.

There is a huge range of confectionaries available in the range. The most popular one is gulkand and it tastes amazing. The other varieties available are pop fizz, which is the mixture of orange and cola and many other flavors; gives you the essence of a solid soda candy in your mouth.

Also, there are lollipops like pop-top lollipop which is available in strawberry flavor. It is meant to give you a strong nostalgia about your childhood when we used to eat lollipops and they were our all-time favorite thing to eat.

There are so many kinds of wafers available like browny, milk fruity, cream crunch and many more. They are available in two flavors- strawberry and chocolate. The cream crunch has also available in sizes. They also have the jumbo variant under it which is a mouthwatering wafer to have.

There is also éclairs and toffee made with real chocolate and blended with milk to create the perfect flavor. The toffee is also called as cofi tofi because of its coffee flavor. The names are very quirky and amusing.

We also get other flavored candies like coconut affair which the name itself suggests it has the coconut flavor. Toffees like butter toffee is a reminiscence of our childhood favorites.

Fruity candies like the fruit and milk which is a tutti fruity candy is a burst of flavors from a single candy. It is widely liked by people.

There are so many options to choose from. Kiwi foods have their official website where you check out their products & make your choice.