Current Trends in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is the business sector dedicated to manufacturing and operating of all types of aircraft. The aviation industry has been one of the fastest growing airline industries in the world. The aviation industry has been an evolving industry in the market. Modern factors like evolving customer needs and competition from new entrants are changing the way aviation industry is carrying out its business. The recent emerging trends in the aviation industry have lead to its further growth.
Current trends in the aviation industry, icri india

Let us have a look at the current trends in the aviation industry.

  • Artificial intelligence is the new UI- the introduction of artificial intelligence in the aviation industry has been one of the latest trend that has lead to its further development. Artificial intelligence has the capability to analyse vast amounts of data to predict the future outcomes such as baggage fees of passengers, seating preferences, and other amenities as well based on their history.
  • Ecosystem power plays- Of late the aviation industry are into the trend of becoming active participants in the broader travel ecosystem. In this aspect the Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) are the key to building this ecosystem. APIs allow partners to share data in real time.
  • The Uncharted- the aviation industry is always on the forefront of many global factors such as the geopolitical changes taking place, the global markets and various environmental issues. The aviation industry has now starred to take into consideration as to how these global factors have the capacity of affecting their operations in today’s time.
  • Design for Humans- creating a comfortable journey for the passengers is the main aim of aviation industry. And the leaders of the industry understand that the passenger’s journey starts long before they arrive at the airport. And hence the aviation industries are now on the look out for creating a service design approach to deliver customer experiences.

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