Why Color Therapy for Home is a need for us?



The human mind is very colorful in nature. That is why when we have dreams or when we relive memories, we tend to visualize colors.

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This is exactly why colors have immense healing powers and if used in color therapy they can work wonders.

Soothing colors

You must have seen often when you are having a bad day, when you retire to nature, it is a relieving experience and you feel much more rejuvenated. When this is incorporated in home décor, it leads to a much more productive home and workplace. As a consequence, one’s mood enhances and a healthier and happier life is achieved. On a similar note, use of the color cream gives the room a much warmer feel as compared to that of stark white. This is because there is a certain amount of grace and sophistication that is associated with this color and that is why painting a room by this color makes it look more homely and welcoming as compared to other colors.

Usage of primary colors

One of the most manipulated colors, some people claim that yellow stimulates better concentration and enhances the focus of an individual; others argue that babies tend to cry more in yellow colored rooms. However, it is a well-established fact dark yellow is ideal for study rooms for this very purpose and is inappropriate for bedrooms. A lighter shade of yellow, however, radiates joy and helps in bringing in an air of positivity and optimism.  Considering that you have already ditched yellow as a color for the bedroom, the best color for the same would be red. It is a passionate color and helps in bringing out a romantic mood in a couple.


Thus while it is undeniable that the mood of a person primarily depends on an individual, the role of colors in his room décor cannot be denied. That is why careful color therapy for homes is the need of the hour.

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