Benefits of Breast Feeding for Mom & Baby | Dr. Garima Tyagi


It is always recommended by a doctor and other experts that Breast Feeding should be the preferred way of providing nutrition to the baby from day one to at least it turns to be six months old.

Now why will some experts like Dr. Garima Tyagi tell the mothers to choose the breast milk over the formula? Of course, there are solid reasons for them to say so. It is found that breastfeeding has many advantages over other kinds of supplements for the baby.

Several studies have been conducted all over the globe on the topic of benefits of breastfeeding. Almost all the results are in favor of breastfeeding.

Dr. Garima Tyagi | Breast Feeding

Some of the Results of Breast Feeding can be listed thus

The nutrients like vitamin, minerals, fat, carbohydrate, protein are in a perfect combination in the mother milk. Thus the baby can receive an adequate amount of nutrition it needs.

Antibodies that help the body to fight germs like bacteria and viruses are found in the breast milk. Thus consuming it the risk of being attacked by some diseases is minimized.

Exclusively breast feeding for the first six months makes the baby less prone to infections and diseases.

Being easily digestible the breast milk the baby will not face the issue of constipation

Breast fed babies are shown to have higher IQ scores later in life than the ones who were fed on supplements

The chance of becoming obese in the grown up stage is less in babies that are breastfed

Sudden infant death syndrome is higher in babies not breastfed or partially fed via supplements.

Apart from these benefits for the child there are a few benefits for the mother as well opines Dr. Garima Tyagi, one among st the top 10 gynecologist in Ghaziabad.  During the pregnancy and after child birth the mother tends to gain body weight. But breastfeeding the child helps the mother lose this weight faster than the women who avoid breastfeeding. It is thus advantageous for the women to feed their babies preferentially.

It also is seen that breast feeding the child lowers the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer, and osteoporosis.