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Valentine’s Day Protest All over the world, it was the day of love yesterday on 14th February.

This celebration of love that falls on the 14th of February every year brings lovers closer and is welcomed by everyone.Well, nearly everyone.While Cupid was busy ensuring the Lovey Dovey ones had a great time, these few countries around the world decided to give him a rest.

In countries like Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner over a glass of wine, flowers, or even a box of chocolates could result in severe punishment.

Here are six countries that just aren’t into the idea of Valentine’s Day:

  1. Indonesia– Indonesia’s highest Islamic clerical council declared Valentine’s Day forbidden by Islamic law in 2012, saying it was contradictory to the Muslim culture and teachings. So in spite of a vast majority of Indonesian following a moderate form of Islam, this day of love sadly is forbidden from being celebrated in the country.

Valentine’s Day

  1. Malaysia-A few key figures in the religious governing sectors of Malaysia firmly believe that the paramour-filled day encourages immoral activities among Muslim denizens, of which makes up61% of the Malaysian population. The anti-Valentine’s Day campaign by Malaysia’s Islamic authorities goes back to a fatwa (religious ruling) issued in 2005.However, despite the ‘Valentine’s Day Raids’, many Malaysians still celebrate the day and other faiths are not affected in any way by Valentine’s Day rule in the country.

Valentine’s Day

  1. Pakistan– In2014, universities in Peshawar, Pakistan clashed with each other’s beliefs over whether or not Valentine’s Day was wrong in the eyes of Islam.Liberal students celebrated with red balloons and cake while another group of students from another university who felt that Valentine’s Day was un-Islamic, rioted and opposed the very notion of the celebration.Dozens of students exchanged blows and threw rocks at one another in the scuffle.

Valentine’s Day

  1. Iran– While giving chocolates and flowers to your better half on the 14thof February to profess your love is normal in almost all parts of the world, Iranian authorities have sought to crack down on celebrations in the past, calling Valentine’s day a decadent Western custom”.

Valentine’s Day

  1. Saudi Arabia– In Saudi Arabia, the kingdom’s religious authorities ban the celebration of Valentine’s Day.Women and men sit separately in restaurants and public displays of affection are taboo in the largely Muslim-populated country.In 2014, five Saudi citizens were almost sentenced to 39 years behind bars, as well as 4,500 lashes of the cane between them after they were found dancing with six women they were not married to on Valentine’s Day.Valentine’s Day
  2. India – Considering the fact that India used to be a part of the British Empire it’s pretty clear why the government doesn’t welcome the advocacy of Western values nor culture. The Indian Hindu nationalist party Mahasabha aforesaid that they might currently encourage couples noticed out along on Valentine’s Day to urge married, and would have a non-secular leader on standby to perform marriages.Valentine’s DayRead More