Goodbye Winter Season : Fun things to do while winter lasts


Valentine’s Day is a distant hazy chocolate fueled memory. Summer is weeks away.

Don’t hibernate, enjoy the last bit of Winter Season with these Beautiful ideas.

Winter Season activities and things one must do.

There is a host of activities and list of things that one must do before the weather turns and summers on you. Read on and see what you can strike off the checklist.

  • THE OUTDOORS: There’s no better time than now to get a break from the gym and take your fitness regime outdoors.Head to the nearest park for a jog or better yet run a little to really feel your heart pump.With all that physical activity, body heat and happy endorphins, you’ll be smiling through the icy weather.Winter Season
  • SPA-TASTIC: There remains no doubt that those New Year resolutions to stop abusing your body call for some R&R and Winter Season are the time to treat yourself to. Check into a spa, pamper yourself with body treatments like deep tissue massages, relaxing acupressure massages, Ayurveda traditional massage, seaweed wraps, sea salt scrubs, just to name a few.Don’t hesitate to go the whole nine yards and get a cleansing facial and some hand and foot therapies.Winter Season
  • LAYER ON THE FASHION: If you haven’t taken out that overcoat, draped yourself in a faux wrap or showed off those thigh high boots, time’s running out. Don’t go overboard and wear everything all at once but do try to go through that Winter Season closes and look fashionably up-to-the-minute.Winter Season
  • WINTER SPORTS: Head to the mountains — Kashmir, Manali, Shimla to get a real feel of the cold; step onto the fresh white snow, ski down some slopes, try your hand at snowboarding or just feel the chill burn as you make that carrot-nosed snowman.
  • SOMETHING STEAMY: A cup of steaming hot chocolate on a chilly winter evening is as close to heaven as one get. Enjoy as many cappuccinos, cafe mochas, hot chocolate as you can. For those that enjoy their cup of tea experiment with many varieties including masala, Darjeeling, green or chamomile.