Ways to help children cope with depression

The pressure that gets created on a child from a school environment can many times lead them to depression. The pressure of excelling in exams and score well can sometimes take a toll on the child’s mind. Depression is a severe medical condition that can seriously affect the child’s mental condition as well as the physical health. It severely affects the child’s ability to connect with friends and family. They also have a hard time enjoying their daily routine activities and their childhood. Children suffering from depression also have a tough time in trying to concentrate that in turn affects their grades and education. It is of foremost importance to understand the symptoms of depression which usually includes irritation, sadness, sleeping too much or too little, extreme weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, suicidal thoughts, and attempts.
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It is, therefore, crucial to take specific measures to help the child deal with depression.

  • Encouraging daily exercise that will make the child be involved in a particular activity. Research has proved that exercises such as running, swimming, jogging and even walking help in dealing with depression. Cardio exercises tend to release more of oxytocin in our bodies that influence our happiness.
  • Spending quality time with the child will help them open up about their feelings and causes of depression. It is essential to spend more time with your child that gives them the courage and the confidence to open u about matters that haunts them.
  • Cooking healthy meal can also be useful in this matter. A healthy lifestyle can also be of great help in dealing with depression.
  • Encouraging healthy sleeping habits.
  • Breaking down assignments into manageable pieces
  • Extended time for lengthy projects and tests. Extended time in lengthy tests shall enable the child to take the test without the fear of failure or being unable to complete the test in the given time.
  • Providing the copy of class notes that would help them in better concentration.

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