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The Standardized Administered Test (SAT) is conducted by College Board is undertaken to seek admission in USA and Canada Universities. SAT is conducted to evaluate the written, verbal, and mathematical skills of students. If the student is seeking admission for the specific course, then SAT subject test should be taken. These tests are offered in areas like Literature, History, Mathematics, Sciences, and Foreign Languages. Students in India seeking admission in US universities can take up SAT exam through the assistance of reputed institutes. Trans Globe, a reputed Best overseas education consultant in Gujarat offers complete assistance to students wanting to undergo the SAT test. However, you as an applicant also need to take certain steps in preparing for SAT test to earn a good result at the end.

Best Overseas Education Consultant In Gujarat

We now list down 5 eligible tips that you can follow to prepare for SAT exam-

  1. Register Yourself for SAT-

This is the very first step of SAT preparation. You can register at the College Board official website by creating an account. You have the freedom to select from different locations and dates, so as per your convenience. When it comes to the date, choose the date that gives you enough time to prepare. Do research about best dates and location helping you to prepare well in advance.

2. Get Proper understanding of Overall Structure and Format of the SAT-

It’s a common sense thing where you need to have a proper understanding of the overall structure of the SAT format. The SAT is out of 1600 points distributed into two chunks- 800 points for Match section and 800 points for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. In the essay section, there is a separate score out of eight points in three domains. Get the latest exam structure handy that will help in preparing for the exam.

3. Get Familiar with the Test Content-

There are different sections in the SAT Test which you need to be familiar. Moreover, the SAT has a particular style of asking the question. So when preparing, you need research and unearth previous test questions to understand the format of questions. You can go online and check out career based websites or connect with the best overseas education consultant in Rajkot and Gujarat to understand the test content.

4. Work on your Weakness-

When you are preparing for the SAT test, or in that matter any exam, you need to work on your weakness. The best way to do is take a complete mock test where you will get an idea on where your weaknesses are. If you visit the College Board, you will find more than six free practice tests. Make sure to create a complete exam environment that will help you to prepare your mind for the final exam.

5. Setting up the Score Goal-

Once you get an idea about the baseline, set a goal score. Check out what are the chances of getting admission on certain SAT score.  Set your score goal according to the hourly basis which will help you throughout the preparation of the SAT exam.


Preparing up your mind for the SAT exam is very much important. This can only happen with the right amount of dedication, proper sleep, and diet. Dedication comes with the practice which will eventually help in getting the best score and admission in the respective university.

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