The Success Story of NOFSE

National Organization for Social Empowerment (NOFSE) was established in the year 2012 and is a registered NGO working for the differently able and underprivileged people of our society. The team of NOFSE works extensively to ensure that the rights of the person with a disability are protected in our society and have a large share in the national development strategies through micro-level social intervention.


The NOFSE Team utilize child right programming network and focuses on rehabilitation and protection of children who have been either affected by disasters or emergencies or conflict, have been under the radar of exploitation and trafficking or have been forced into the worst forms of labor.

Some of the most important activities of NOFSE for child protection, development and care are-

  • Improving the condition of vulnerable children by care and protection
  • Building child resilience by self-disciplinary and self-defense activities
  • Supporting development of community-based care and protective system
  • Supporting coordination and integration of services to help to protect vulnerable children
  • Developing underprivileged children to live in the boarder society by helping in poverty reduction and other national development strategies

NOFSE, since its establishment had certain goals which they have effectively fulfilled in the last 5 years or so. Their basic goal was to facilitate healthcare to every section of the society, to ensure security of food to all the needy people, to work for the upliftment for the social and economic status of all underprivileged people of our society, to empower differently able people and to ensure proper protection, care and development of abused or underprivileged children.

In the past 6 years, since its foundation, NOFSE has created many successes which have led it to become one of the best NGO‘s of India. Some of the successful projects of NOFSE are –

Mobile School – If children cannot reach school Mobile School will reach them. The mobile school was created by the NOFSE for the street children who beg on the streets. Mobile School is nothing but a big van with ample teaching activities goes to different streets to teach the underprivileged street children.

National Public School, Bihar – The National Public School in Bihar is the first of its kind of School created by NOFSE which provides free education to over 60 students from Karmauni Village who come from destitute family.

Empower – Empower is a National Training Centre at Vijay Nagar in New Delhi by NOFSE which trains basic computer skills to 30 students of North Campus of Delhi University who are visually challenged. With Computer training, soft skills, interview skills, and confidence-building measures are also taught to these blind students.

Cure India – Cure India is an initiative by NOFSE in response to the heart-rending challenges facing the nation in its quest for development in the healthcare section of our society. Besides organizing regular health camps for the needy people, it provides managerial assistance and medical training to government organization and the private sector agencies. National NGO provides free medical treatment to persons with critical ailments. NOFSE receive cases from all over India and till date have assisted over 70 patients with new patients coming in every week.

Seva Bhawan – NOFSE has also made a place where patients and their families can have a stay when the home is far away. The Seva Bhawan accommodation facility offers patients and family members to stay during the treatment period. The Seva Bhawan also provides nutritional food as per the advice of the doctors.

Inder – Inder is a rehabilitation center at Tuglakabad in Delhi NCR region which provides free services to over 60 underprivileged and differently able children to develop their personality by overcoming its weakness to live a normal life in the society. The rehabilitation centre provides Neurodevelopment treatment which is an advanced therapeutic approach practiced by experienced Physical Therapist.

With all these successful projects, NOFSE has really grown as the best NGO’s in Delhi NCR region. Within just a span of 6 years, NOFSE is now one of the most renowned NGO in our country.