Why someone will start his/her own company by Nischay Pasrija?


Here we have Mr. Nischay Pasrija on the table CEO & Founder of Current Repairs (www.currentrepairs.com). So, Nischay sir please will you put some shine upon, why someone will start his/her own company or business besides he/she having a great easy job of 5 day working. Then what would you say that person want to taste the adventure in his/her life or some kind of being rich dreams suddenly popping up in their mind.

Current Repairs, Nischay Pasrija-

Nischay Pasrija– Yes you are right, to pursue some kind of adventure, thrill in life a person chooses to become an entrepreneur. Some may call it as a suicide mission, or abrewing competitor in the market, or just another bloke tired of hearing constant barbs from relatives and parents. yada, yada, yada.

However, being a start up owner I can say with great conviction that a person who started its business journey is certainly not bored of 9-6 job, neither he/she is annoyed of five day work schedule. And, probably not due to what we call now-a-days a rat race, not because of salary/ package issues in a company. Also, not because of office politics. It’s blown out of proportion, according to me.

Someone will only like the adrenalin of business adventure, when he/she can do something for the betterment of society. Or he/she has some kind of fire inside, which can bring some real changes in its surrounding.

Because it is not an easy step, its a no way to break shackles of your life misery. In fact, it can initially cause serious emotional breakdown inside you. As, you are not following the herd mentality of a typical society. You are exploring some unchartered turf, which according to your closed ones is suicidal. They will not support you initially. Even if they did, you will be under constant pressure to perform better and better everyday.

While a person in a job is only answerable to its management, and is performing for the clients. The same is not applicable to start-up-owners. They not only have to engage with clients on regular basis rather their whole family including parents, siblings, relatives etc., becomes question producing machines to them. Trust me, there is no easy way out of this circle.

So, if a person has established his own business. He/she always is under more pressure, more work schedule. Which could rose up to 365*24*7. Compare it with a job of 9 to 6 and 5 day working, Which one do you think is easy?

And when you only consider business adventure, just to quench your materialistic lust, like owning a huge house, buying a top notch car, living a flamboyant lifestyle. Then be ready to be disappointed, you are going to fail sooner, rather then later and end up searching for a new job.

Otherwise, if you stick to your purpose and know that these materialistic possession are temporary illusions which plays little or no importance in your life. Rather, your mission is to serve the society which is of utmost priority. Then kudos my friend, you have solved the mystery puzzle of why be an entrepreneur.

To be an entrepreneur, only you require is a life long purpose. No other strings attached to it.