Reasons for Visa application getting rejected


Visas are the most important resource of a person when travelling abroad as it is an endorsement that indicates the person is allowed to enter, leave or stay for a specific period of time in the foreign country. However, applying for a visa is a hectic schedule as it requires a whole lot of time for the processing of all the documents. One should also keep in mind that many a times Visa applications are cancelled due to various reason and thus people need to be extra careful as getting Visa is the only way to get access to another country.

Here’s presenting a list of grounds in which Visa Application can be cancelled-

No explanation for the purpose of travel – The purpose for travelling to the foreign shore must be true and genuine. If it’s for study purpose one must explain all the genuine reason for studying a particular subject in foreign land, if it’s for business, one must be able to explain what are the benefits that both the countries will get with the business venture and should also explain the legality of the business venture, if it’s for travel or tourism purpose, then it should match as per the tourism laws of the other country. No genuine explanation will surely lead to cancellation of the Visa application.

Financially sound – One should also keep in mind that travelling abroad is not a piece of cake. One should have enough money to sustain him/her as well as the family financially i he/she is planning for a trip to abroad. Visas can be only applicable to persons who are financially sound and can manage their own self with their own money in case of emergency in the foreign shore. So if you are not having a good income, your Visa will surely get cancelled.

Perfect Source of Income– The person should also have a stable source of income from one or many organizations. He/she should able to show the details and legality of the profession which he/she follows and the income they get from the source in a month or in a year.

Invalid letter of reference– For getting a Visa you must have a perfect reference source. Sometimes in case of Travelling Visa, single traveller Visa is denied and one can only travel if they are travelling with their family. The presence of relatives or friends in abroad impact enormously in a positive way for getting a visa. Also if your reference person is of high stature, then it again positively impacts of getting a Visa.

Criminal Records – If a person has any sort of criminal records in the past, the Visas will be cancelled without any second recognition.

No Homeland Connection – If you are applying for Permanent Residence, any sort of connection financially or politically with your homeland is harmful as it will ultimately lead to rejection for PR.

Therefore, one should be utterly careful in the case of applying for a Visa. Once rejected, a person has to apply for one more time and it will take a whole lot of time again. Thus, understand all the do’s and don’ts and then apply for a Visa.

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