The Modern Architectural Houses


The modern day Architects and Designers   are full on with creative minds and never fear to display their unique yet creative design of Houses. Following are the list of some of the unique houses made by architects which can certainly be termed as marvellous-

One Storey House – Staying in natural surroundings is always a wish for plenty of people because of the positive impact of the surrounding environment on one’s health. However, the modern day Indian architecture has made a marvellous design of one storey house with the raw materials of the nature. The standing curved walls made up of stones make the house look even more attractive and wonderful.

A Modern Villa – A Modern Day Indian Villa are for the people who love the idea of modernity with contemporary design. A modern day villa will consist of a pool on its front side; will have high raising walls and a good space to a beautiful and well designed garden.

Walls of Woods – Well, every person has a dream of making a multi-storey house. However, not every time the dream gets fulfilled because of the high budget required for making a multi-storey house. But, the modern day architects have come up with a plan to make a multi storey house which is high on creativity and low on budget. The house has its walls made up of woods around the areas of rooms and balconies. This gives the attractive look to the house and on the other hand can also be built on a smart budget.

One and Half House – The concept of one and half house has given a new dimension to multi storey buildings. The concept of one and half is nothing but building a two storey house with a big space for balcony attached with the second floor. This gives a family a lot of space to relax and enjoy the cool winds of evening. One can either use the space for partying or for a canopy or simply let it free to relax after a hard day of work.

Solar House – This type of Houses make the best use of natural lights in the surroundings. Solar Houses are designed in such a way that the natural source of light from the sun can be best utilized y the solar panels, thus saving the money of electricity. The solar panels are designed at the topmost roof of the house. This not only helps in capturing the maximum amount of sunlight but also does not make the house structure look awkward.

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