Indian wedding trends of the year

Indian wedding is nothing less than a festival. The endless list of ceremonies reserved for both pre marriages as well as post marriages are the factors that make Indian weddings unique. Indian weddings are not just the union of two souls but also the union of their families, friends, and relatives. It brings with itself lots of enjoyment and excitement as well as effective planning. The world of the Indian wedding is evolving each day bringing in its arena new trends that are unique. Let’s us have a look at the Indian wedding trends of this year.
Indian wedding
  • The destination wedding has been always a dream for everyone and of late the trend if destination wedding as seeped into the arena of Indian weddings and has become quite a trend. Especially of the chosen destination is of a beach site location then how one control the temptation to for a destination wedding can.
  • Any 8ndian wedding is incomplete without dance. Creative dance floors have become quite a wedding trend in this year that not only adds a pop of color to the entire theme but also gets your feet to dancing as well.
  • Keeping in view the degrading condition of the environment lots of couples nowadays are now taking to supporting a cause to save the environment. The latest trend in Indian weddings is an eco-friendly wedding where right from the invitation until the decoration everything is being carried out by using recycled items.
  • Indian weddings are famous for their lip-smacking appetizers. And the demand for customized food is high on demand. The presence of food trucks consisting of charities of customized food has become quite a trend in ind8an weddings this year.
  • Floral ceilings and botanical centerpieces now adorn the Indian weddings of people who love to live in the greenery. These not only add beauty to the Indian weddings but also add the much-needed element of sophistication to it.
  • Rose gold is very much in trend this year. And coming to Indian weddings it even has achieved its position in the Indian wedding as well. A mix of metallic shades with soft pastels will definitely rock the tableware, the props, the decoration as well as the wedding cake.

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