Ideas for children friendly homes.


Home is considered to be the most safest place for all. It is the first place where we start making memories and spend the majority of our life in doing so. Having a child in the home is a matter of great responsibility and it should be well taken care of that the house is constructed in such a way so as safeguard the children from any accidents. Even if you feel pretty sure that all measures have been take to make the home child-friendly, it quite possible that something or other might have been missed out that can pose great threat to the child. For the purpose of building a child friendly home, here are some of the ideas that might be beneficial for the aforementioned purpose.

child friendly home

  • Hidden power strips– there is the possibility that the child can unplug a cord from the power strip, inset his finger, stick or any other metal into the holes and electrocute himself, if there are exposed power strips in the house. It is therefore advisable to hide the power strips either behind the furniture or install it at height that remains unreachable by the child or use a power strip cover to hide them from the children.


  • Windows are installed with a guard– while constructing a house it is imperative to build the windows that should only be able to open upto three inches, about the height of an adult fist or they should be installed with a guard. If the house has windows low to the floor and window seats, it must be installed with a guard.


  • Cordless window blinds– there is a high chance of possibility that the child’s neck can get caught in the looped cord leading to strangulation. Hence it is always advisable to invest in cordless window coverings.


  • Flooring– the flooring of the house should be made of anti-skid materials so as to prevents the children from falling down that in many cases can lead to severe injuries.


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