The future of Artificial Intelligence in India – Varenya Softech

Artificial Intelligence or AI is going to transform various working domains in India in the next few decades. In the past one year or so artificial intelligence has been making headlines in India for swift transition into the Indian working market. However, the future of Artificial Intelligence or machine learning power is certainly looking bright in this diverse cultural market of India. This is because the makers of Artificial Intelligence machines have decoded the three most needed requirements in the working field of Indian Market, i.e. volume, velocity and variety which are seemingly lacking in most of the manpower in India.Varenya Softech, Artificial Inteligence

The application of AI can transform the business models of India in varied domains. Starting from automobile industry to aviation, banking, insurance, healthcare and retail sector, the future of all these industries in India is going to be automated by the use of Artificial Intelligence. As India is slowly but gradually moving towards cashless society, it is evident that there will be the enormous growth of the digital field in India which in turn will definitely lead to advent and growth of Artificial Intelligence in India.

AI is already seeing its boom in the fields of Big Data Tracking in India which is ensuring speedy and accurate collection for all the online transaction thereby helping Indian Government to chalk out the flow of Black Money. Likewise, its growth seems to be evident in the financial sectors like Banks which will help in immense saving of time, talent and cost by assuring speedy and accurate debit and credit processes.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence will have a great impact in the medical and health sector in India. India as a country is still lacking behind the super countries in terms of medical treatment to patient. But imagine, with the full bloom of AI, diagnoses of diseases can be made within fraction of second, a speed which doctors can only imagine. With the help of digital connectively and Artificial Intelligence, patients staying hundreds of kilometers away can have an instant diagnoses of disease.

There is one however, one biggest fear which looms with the growth of Artificial Intelligence in India. What will happen to the jobs of millions of workers and millions of potential workers??? India is already in an employment crises with lakhs of potential workers are either unemployed or underemployed. Will the growth of AI make this condition of unemployment from bad to worse???  Well, time is the only answer to this question. But one thing should be kept in mind that when Industrial Revolution happened in the 18th Century, thousands of manual based workers lost their jobs but on the other hand millions got employed some years later.

Thus, with the fear of losing employment one must not stop the growth of AI in India. Even AI may become a possible source of employment for billions in India in future.

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