The Fabrics You should not wear in summer!


Congratulations!!!! We have entered that part of the year where we can flaunt our style quotient and look charming, attractive and beautiful. Yes, we are into the hottest part of the year, i.e. the summer which is the best season for us to look coolest. Summer season is all about trendy and cool Fabrics and the rejoicing way to flaunt your perfect body.

However, we should be careful though!!! There are certain fabrics that we should restrain from using in summers as they can make us feel really uncomfortable. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the fabrics which we should avoid weaning in the months of summer-


Polyester – Though polyester fabrics are stain resistant and absorb all the sweat marks, but it is a non breathable fabric. On the top of that the synthetic polyester does not absorb sweat and wearing it will instantly make you of sweaty all over. Thus, it will hold over all the sweat which is the last thing you will want in the scorching heat of the sun.

Nylon – Nylon is the most non-wearable fabric in the months of summer. It’s synthetic and silky fibre will make your body to start sweating instantly and will also make you feel more hot because of its non breathable fabric. And also because of its low absorbent nature, it also makes you feel sticky in hot and humid conditions.

Satin – The Silky and Opulent nature of the Satin Fabric makes it an avoidable fabric for Summer Season. Satin Fabric are prone to show water marks and hence it will show sweat stain and won’t absorb the sweat even. Thus, sweaty weather and satin fabric will nver go side by side.

Flannel – Flannel fabrics are a big no for summer seasons. Flannels are made up of wool and synthetic fabric which are ideal for winters and go pole opposite for Summer Seasons. Also Flannel fabrics are non breathable and thus there will be no circulation of air which will make you feel more warm.

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