Difference between Passport and Visa


You will be soon travelling to different parts of the world and want to know the difference between Passport and Visa??? Following are the differences between a Passport and Visa –

Passport is an official document which is used for personal identification during travelling abroad whereas Visa is an official permission that allows a person to enter into a specific country.

The purpose of a passport is to certify the identity and nationality of a person who is travelling abroad. The passport of a person contains name, sex date of birth and place of birth of a person. On other hand, the permission of Visa is granted the Government official of the foreign country which a person is travelling to. The Visa is a totally separate document which is a stamp in the passport of the traveller. There are various types of Visas. However, there is only one passport for one person who is travelling to different region.

Following are the description of a passport-

  • A passport is used to verify citizenship of a person. If travelling abroad, it is used as a regain entry in your country of citizenship.
  • A Passport contains photo, name, and date of birth, gender and physical characteristics of a person.
  • Diplomats and the official of Government are given different passports than the normal citizen of India.

Following are the description of a Visa-

  • Visas are of different types such as tourist visa, study visa, business visa and permanent Visa
  • Visas can be single or in multiple numbers depending on the place of your travel.
  • Visa required extensive medical checkups, interviews and other official documents including passport

The main difference between a passport and a visa is that a Visa is an endorsement placed within a passport which is the official permission for the person to enter, leave or stay in a particular country for a period of time.

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