Brand Awareness Impression and engagement all important


Brand Awareness, In any business, marketing plays an important role. Though the platforms have changed in this digital era this still holds good. Through the good marketing skills customers can be garnered and this can pave the way toward profitability feels Jignesh Barasara.Brand Awareness

It is through the marketing division of any company ads and propaganda are put through. Thus awareness about the services and products a company proffers makes known to the people.  A particular name or brand gets etched in the mind of the people and it will really make a mark when this kind of continuous information is bombarded on to them.

It will start with people making enquiries about the product and then some offering to try it out. Same goes for the service sector too. Now it is up to the enterprise to keep up the promise offered via the marketing ads. If the ads live up to the promise made it will create a demand. Not living up to the standards mentioned may make the company lose the first time made customers.

Only through offering quality products or services cost effectively can the company retain the customers and slowly this can swell up and make it a number one amongst its competitors. Brand awareness has been created and also it has gone a step further and created an impression. Both awareness and impression are needed for the business to grow and develop.

Another step needs to be taken here is to create a brand engagement. Usually new entrants in any business need to create awareness and impression but it is not easy. They have to compete against the reputed brands that have already won the hearts of the customers. The startups need to tread carefully and deploy some innovative methods to woo the customers to their side.

Thus when a product of a particular brand is a lot in demand because of the satisfactory feeling it has created amongst the people, they may not be ready to try a similar product of some other brand. So start of hard luck and the startup has to work doubly hard. They can start with giving some freebies with the product and sell it at a much lower price even at the cost of bearing some loss. This will bring in some buyers.

So through such engagement a new brand can garner customers and tread the path of growth. Hence one can see that for a company to grow awareness, impression and engagement are all vital.