Benefits of Having Permanent Visa/Residence (PR) for Canada


Canada is one of the most beautiful countries for Permanent Residence (PR) in the world. Canada is famous because of its peaceful environment and beautiful landscape. It has plenty of scope for the immigrants who have decided to stay there permanently. Canada is also one of the safest countries in the world and is considered as an economic super power. It’s an ideal place for permanent residency because of its peaceful environment, moderate climate and low population.

Permanent Residence

Benefits of PR in Canada

  • One can live for unlimited period in Canada
  • One can leave and enter Canada frequently as per the individual’s wish
  • After some years of PR, one can also apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Permanent Resident enjoy all the facilities provided by the Canadian Government to its citizens including legal and health service
  • The offspring of Canadian PR people will be considered as Canadian citizen

However, before applying for PR of Canada one should keep in mind that permanent immigrant of Canada are not allowed to

  • Run a Political Party
  • Get a Job that require high level security

Requirements of Canadian PR

Arrangement of documents- One needs to arrange all the key documents for applying for Canadian PR like routine travel and educational documents. Apart from these one should also carry the documents of English Language Proficiency test (IELTS) and Skill Assessment reports by relevant accessing authority.

Health and Character – You must be medically fit and morally good in character in order to get the PR for Canada.

How to apply for Canadian PR easily

For getting the PR for Canada easily, one needs to arrange its documents in a highly mechanized and structural way and then submit it for EOI. After submitting it, one needs to wait for the response of the authorities which usually takes 60 days within the invitation of receipt. Apex India with its skilled and experienced professionals can help you in easily getting a Canadian PR.

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