3 Reasons why Banking is the Promising Career – ICRI India

As freshly graduate young finance professionals, you may be having a possible career path in the sector. But you may even be watching your classmates are marching towards Wall Street as an investment banker or stock broker. Banking offers a wide career option rich with good packages and is highly professional. Watching your peers heading to top position and various career options opening in the sector will certainly push you to take up the challenge of finding the best job. Whether you want to be an investment banker or a stockbroker, you need a degree in hand and a good exposure about the industry. Getting yourself trained at ICRI India along with pursuing the respective banking course will help in getting a promising job in banking sector.Many graduates from ICRI India have succeeded in the banking sector with good package job and stable career. Apart from good pay, there are other reasons too why aspirants are entering into banking sector:

  1. High Income Potential:

As mentioned above, the banking sector is vast in terms of opportunities. Be it the private bank or public sector bank, there is a good income potential. Top banking companies are hiring certified and experienced bankers with good package and other benefits, which is a good thing for young professionals.

  1. Better Working Hours:

Well, this is applicable to private banks. Compared to an investment banker and stockbroker, the working hours of banking professional in private bank is less. However, in Indian public banks, professional enjoy less working hours, but huge work pile. But during the financial year ending, both private and public banking professionals undergo the huge stress of work and long hours.

  1. Contributing towards the Economy:

Like finance, banking is also the important part of the economy of any country. Working in the banking sector will allow you to contribute towards the economic growth. So if you are looking forward to work in a bank, then you will certainly go to contribute towards the economy.

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