Advantages of Drop Shipping for Ecommerce Business


Drop shipping is a strategy by ecommerce business owners where the retailer does not keep products in the inventory, but relied wholly on wholesalers to ship the product directly to the customers. Today, more and more ecommerce retailers are adopting this strategy because it comes with wide advantages both, the customer and the retailer. When the customer places the order for the drop shipped product, the retailer receives the order along with the payment. Once done, the retailer contacts the wholesaler issuing the purchase order for item with full instructions for the shipping details.

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Like these, there are some other advantages, why ecommerce retailer takes up drop shipping method:

  • Broad Product Offering:

For merchants, this is the chance to present more products for sale, especially when has a good inventory to store the product. Having a broad range of product options can help the retailer to market the product and increase the traffic of potential buyers.

  • Marketing the Product Quickly:

Drop shipping allows retailers to market the product quickly because it eliminated the wait time when the product gets shipped from distributor to manufacturer. However, in rare cases the product may get shipped a bit delayed.

  • More Time on other Part:

With the drop shipping is entirely loaded on wholesaler, the retailer doesn’t have to stock the product and do the shipping work. Thus, it saves a lot of time and helps the retailer to concentrate on other parts of the business.

  • Increase Lifetime Value of Customers:

Retailers have the ability to add and expand the products in the kit, it allows customers to keep shopping on the website. Retailers can keep the customers engaged in the shopping, which  certainly leads to increase in the lifetime value of customers.


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