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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the major part of the online business that can attract large traffic and gain top ranking in the search engine. According to the stats, Google and Facebook hold largest share in digital ad market and SEO is the major platform that pushes the online website. E-commerce business that largely works along with SEO and digital marketing needs to update with the latest practice. SEO is important to keep the e-commerce business running for long years. SEO for e-commerce stores makes it easy to crawl for the search engine bots and help in pushing the site ahead. Websites like Whaaky.com are using SEO practices perfectly to gain profit.SEO for e-commerce whaaky

Let us check 5 SEO practices that will help in triple the sales:

  1. Use of Unique Title Tags for Product Page:

Duplicate titles are the major disadvantage that effects the optimization of the site. It is important to use unique titles tags for each product page that attract engine bots. Check out title tag tools that can help in getting unique tags that would perfectly work for your e-commerce site.

  1. Using Permanent 301 Redirect Expired Product URLs:

Having a permanent 301 redirect will be useful to redirect the page to a detour page. As a part of SEO, it helps the search engine to get informed about the old content to getting shifted. Along with the content, PageRank, Page Authority, Traffic Value, etc. are moved.

  1. Optimize the Category Pages with Keywords:

Category pages are important than other pages and should be optimized for appearing in the search engine. For instance, if you’re selling luxury watches, then it should not be optimized for every product page of luxury watches. Instead, you can optimize individual pages that would help in getting traffic.

  1. Mobile First Indexing:

In 2016, Google came up with Mobile-first indexing of the web. With this, Google began indexing mobile version of the websites, to examine mobile pages and decide how site can rank in both desktop and mobile.

  1. Optimizing the Product Page Permalink and Structure:

Search engine bots crawl on permalinks for understanding the content of every page and imperative to use permalinks. You can optimize permalinks in the product category, product sub-category, and product page.

About Whaaky.com:

Owned by Trade2Online Pvt Ltd, Whaaky is a popular online shopping destination. It works as the deal site where deals go online on a daily basis. These deals are available from popular offline retailers across the country. From mobile and gadgets to apparels and fashion wears, Whaaky.com deals with all products.