Yoga can protect your memory in your Old Age- Study


There is no second thought that yoga offers a major benefit to our health right from the young age. Performing yoga exercise for long time will not only change your body structure, but also protects your brain against cognitive decline during older age. Researchers during the recent study imaged elderly female yoga practitioners’ brains and found that yoginis carry the greater cortical thickness in left pre-frontal cortex and is associated with cognitive functions like memory.

As our age increases, the structure of our brain changes leading to cognitive issues and memory loss. There are many cases among age old people who’re finding hard to memorize things. Yoga has a cognitive component that increases the concentration and attention power. Yoga emphasizes more on mind-body integration and helps our mind in all sense.


How Yoga can help in Mental Functioning:

As mentioned above, yoga emphasizes on mind-body integration, it helps in increasing mental focus. Yoga also facilitates neural communication between brain and body. It is proposed to engage in top and bottom process system. It is to coordinate breath with movement to become more aware of the physical and mental events. There are various form yogas which one needs to work upon to get the best response from yoga exercise.

Yoga enables to trains and refines your mind and body in an appropriate way. One has to learn to integrate mind and body in the sustained focus and self-awareness. Yoga and meditation enhances cognitive capacities. Moreover, it enhances the capacity for mindful awareness and emotion regulation.

Researchers during the study, compared healthy women who never practiced yoga with yoginis; they saw a major change in their mindset and memory.

This is the reason why yoga is considered an important part of health and mental wellness. Seeking assistance from a professional yoga instructor will certainly help in getting the best result.

So what are you waiting for start the YOGA today because “ A Sound Body keeps a Sound Mind.”