What Will Happen If Your Degree is of No Worth

One of the biggest decisions in a life of a student is to decide whether or not to go to a university in order to attain a degree for a prosperous and a bright future. Attaining a degree in a university means going all through a new phase of life, making new friends while leaving some of the old ones, leaving home, investing lots of money and learning lots of new things.


These experiments are worth a take if one’s degree is of some value which eventually leads him/her to a successful career. But what will happen if someone gets a degree which is of no use??? What will be the value of a worthless degree?? What will a person do if his/her degree adds no value to his/her life??

There are indeed a lot of ways of coming up with the stress and depression of a worthless degree. In fact, there are even ways of making the worthless degree valuable in some other way. The reason is there are millions of people in the world whose degrees become meaningless. But they find some other way of fulfilling their dreams and desires or at least live a life of satisfaction.  Thus let us find some ways of coping with the stress or even looking for some other alternative ways of income and satisfaction.

Realize it’s not your fault– The first thing that any person should realize that it was not his/her fault for getting such a degree. The person has been in school for 14 years or so. In school they he/she has been under the guidance of family, parents, and teachers. The person really doesn’t know about the harsh reality of the outside living world. Thu when he/she is going the take the first important decision of his/her life, it can be obvious that the person can become a victim of the false claim and false advertisements that various universities come forward with. And once you become a prey there is no other alternatives of backing out as the administrative structure of the universities are designed in such a way that once you give a certain amount of money, you cannot take it back. Thus it is really not the fault of a person of getting a degree which is of no value.

Realize there are ample other opportunities– It is good if the person realizes that it was not his/her fault for attaining a worthless degree but it will be greater to realize that there are ample of ways in which a person can still earn and live a satisfactory life. With the advancement of science and technology and implement of procedure of globalization and liberalization, there have been over millions of categories of jobs that have been created in the past 2 decades or so. Among these many varieties of jobs, there are also categories of jobs that don’t need a good degree and can also fetch a good sum of money. Only there is a requirement of openness of mind and good research work to get hold of these ample opportunities. Thus a person should always realize that if one door is closed, there are hundreds open for him/her.

Cut your spending to the minimal level– With millions of rupees spend on attaining a degree and more money spent for living a minimum standards of life during the process of attaining the degree, the first few years of someone’s job becomes crucial in his/her life as there are lots of debts that have to be cleared so that the person can lead a happy and prosperous life thereafter. Thus it becomes very important for a person to spend cautiously the money which he/she receives in the initial years of his/her job. The way the person spends will be the way the person will able to lead the life in the future. It is always advisable to have savings from the day 1 of your getting salary which can be used in the time of emergency. Thus while a large portion of the salary goes in clearance of the loan and a part of it goes in savings, not much is left with the person to spend lavishly. And a person becomes successful in life if he/she learns the mastery of spending at a minimal level. Thus it is always advisable to a person to spend only for the necessities in the initial years of his jobs so that he/she can also pay back his/her debts and also can have savings which will further enable the person to a fruitful life thereafter. Also, the mastery of savings and spending at a wise way is the key to lead a successful and prosperous life.

Be Self Employed– When all the doors of income get closed, there is at least a way in which a person can earn and lead a good life. This is none other can becoming self-employed. Having one’s own business is through a riskier but a guaranteed way of having a good income if it becomes successful. For a successful business one again needs to have the right approach and has to acquire the right skills to go in the right direction. And once the business becomes successful, the sky is the limit for success and money. And it is always better a feeling to be an employer rather than an employee. Just using the brain sharply and getting a good investment will lead to a very bright and successful future. And for being self-employed, there is no requirement for a particular degree, so even a person has got a worthless degree; still, he/she can become a successful businessman or entrepreneur.

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