Things to know about elevator maintenance


Whether in a corporate office or in a residential building maintenance of the elevators is crucial for its long lasting smooth performance and also to reduce the risk of accidents that might take place due to improper maintenance of the elevators. Maintenance of the elevators should be undertaken on a regular basis by the property manager or owner. Professionals are required to maintain and repair any damage or malfunction in the elevators, but before you do there are certain things that should be kept in mind.

  • Inspections are required on the elevators at least once a year– the inspection of the elevator must be done at least once every year in order to ensure that the installed elevator is in compliance with state and federal regulations. Once the successful inspection has been completed you will be issued a certificate of operation.
  • Making sure that the elevator machine room is up to the code– along with the elevator the machine room of the elevators must also be in proper working condition. It is a Part of elevator maintenance is to make sure that the machine room is self closed so that no one can gain entry into the machine rooms without proper authorisation. Apart from this it should also be ensured that the machine room has adequate lights and should not be used for any storage purposes.
  • The elevator units should be in top working conditions– the maintenance procedure should focus on the following things like the proper lights in elevator, Any kind of water logging should not be there, the elevators doors should work properly, A proper fire recall system is a must, cable measurements should be compliant.
  • Being proactive and regular with maintenance– proper maintenance of the elevators is very important and one should be proactive and cautious about the regular maintenance of the elevator.

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