Importance of School Uniform


What is a typical school uniform? A tucked in properly ironed shirt with a trouser along with a tie and a belt, all properly cleaned and neatly wore by students of all classes. Though it may sound boring, a proper school uniform is indeed a necessity for all schools all around the world. School uniform after from maintaining a proper decorum and discipline in a school helps to improve the behavior of students, enhance the power of the spirit, and develop a strong sense of belongingness and identity among the students with a school. Let us discuss the following advantages of Uniforms made for students for schools-

Importance of School Uniform, vagishwari world school

The biggest advantage of Student’s uniform is that it enhances the sense of uniformity and equality among the students of the same standard as well as different standards of the same school. A school always focuses on the building of community identity or social identity and in case of a uniform, which is same for all girls and boys for all standards; it really indulges in building up the power of quality among students and focus on group or community identity rather than individuality.

Uniforms also are the biggest factor of maintaining equality off status of all students regarding of the economic, political, social and cultural and racial background a particular student or a group of students belong. A school is a place where a child learns social values of equality and morality. Therefore, if a school has only one particular uniform for all students, no child where small or a teenager can boast of his/her social or economic status or cannot make a student or group of students feel inferior due to their class, caste or economic strata.

Uniforms also enforce discipline which is a prerequisite morality that every school should teach their students. A proper neat and clean and properly ironed uniform not only makes a child smart but also increases his behavior and academic outcomes. It also maintains the equilibrium of a class. Suppose for example a teacher is teaching a difficult chapter, and in absence of any particular uniform students keeps admiring a student who is wearing the most attractive dress. Thus, with the same uniform, the equilibrium of a class is maintained along with enhancing the efficiency and productivity of classroom teaching.

Apart from all these advantages, school uniforms also help to trace a student in case he/she goes missing. With proper uniform and proper identity card, many students can be saved from extorters and kidnappers while they are returning home. Thus, School Uniforms should be made necessary in each and every school.

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