Stay Healthy during Pregnancy following the Experts Tips about Food


During pregnancy, a woman needs to take precaution in many things. Among other things a woman should take care and monitor what she eats during the pregnancy says Dr. Garima Tyagi. This regimen should be started by the woman the day she has tested positive for pregnancy.

Dr. Garima Tyagi | Healthy during Pregnancy

This gynecologist who is working at Shree Narayan Hospital Ghaziabad gives a list of food items to be avoided

  1. Substance abuse: It will be good for the mother and baby if the mother completely gives up her habit of taking drugs, alcohol or smoking. There is a high chance of the baby being born with a deformity if such substances are consumed during pregnancy. Also, these should be avoided during the lactating period too.
  2. Caffeine: Consumption of coffee, tea, aerated drinks and any other items that contain caffeine in high amounts should be avoided or taken in a very small amount. Too much of caffeine is found to cause miscarriage, low birth weight, premature birth and so on. Refraining from caffeine will be good for the baby and mother.
  3. Fatty items: Though fat is considered one of the essential nutrients for a healthy growth too much of it may be harmful. Take the advice of a nutritionist or your gynecologist on how much of lipids and fats you should take during pregnancy and soon after too.
  4. Cholesterol-rich food: Food that is rich in cholesterol should be avoided as much as possible. Take only the limited amount of such food on the recommendation of the nutritionist.
  5. Sugar and salt: Too much sugar and salt and also saccharine should be avoided. Intake of these may cause some health issues so these are better taken in a limit.
  6. Uncooked seafood: If you must take seafood and fish you should eat only after it is cooked to avoid certain maladies or infection due to E. coli. Even undercooked poultry should be avoided for the same reason. Fish that contain mercury should be completely shunned.

Always eat a balanced diet and add the nutrients like food rich in iron, folic acid and so on in your daily food and are recommended by one who is the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad. Following these tips ensures your overall health during pregnancy is her opinion.

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