Cracker Free Diwali- Ban on Firecrackers in Delhi till November 1


Delhi and nearby region will have a silent Diwali as the Supreme Court of India has ordered a complete ban on firecrackers in Delhi till November 1. This year, Diwali falls on October 19.Headed by Justice AK Sikri, it was ordered that, “We should see at least in one Diwali the impact of a cracker-free festivity.” The main reason behind this order is the degrading air quality of Delhi. Year by year, during winter and summer, the quality of air has turned out to be worst affecting the health condition of the residents. Smoke out of Diwali crackers leaves the air thick and harmful pollutant. The order was supported by the Central Pollution Control Board.Diwali

In the month of September, the court had temporally lifted its earlier order of suspending the license over firecrackers sales.

During Diwali Air Quality Worsening in Delhi:

For the past few years, the air quality of Delhi has been the worst. In fact, in the year 2015-2016, Supreme Court had issued orders to not to allow any trucks in the capital, which is not destined for the city. The apex court has also stressed on stringent enforcement rules to check the polluting vehicles.

According to a report submitted by Environment Pollution (Prevention & Control) Authority in 2016, it mentioned that the air quality of Delhi after Diwali was the worst and highly health hazard. In fact, it was 14 times worse than “Great Smog of London in 1952”.

Some of the action will be seen in coming weeks:

  • Complete ban on firecracker sales during Diwali
  • Completing the installation of 20 new monitoring stations during winters and Diwali
  • Odd-Even car number scheme and shutting of schools will be only done when the air quality has severely affected.

So for Delhites, this is something that can surprise, especially to those who are immune to Diwali crackers. However, this decision is made to keep their health and environment condition as a priority.

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