Canadian Universities witness sharp Rise in Indian Students

Since the oath of Mr. Donald Trump as the President of the United States, US have implemented many new immigration and visa policies and impose a ban on immigrants. As a result, Canada has witnessed an extensive rise in visa applications of international students for admission in the various universities of Canada.
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New Delhi Immigrant Section of Canada has also expressed thanks to the Indian Students for showing their interest in Canadian Universities.

Canadian Universities: First choice for International Students

Canadian Universities was already the first choice for the students seeking their higher studies abroad. But this year, students applying for Universities of Canada are substantially increased due to change in the US Immigration policies. More over Universities have eased up the application process, which also helps in the increased interest in the Canadian Universities by international students. From 2015, universities of Canada experiences over 48000 students from India alone. These numbers will increase sharply because of the difficult immigration policies of United States.

According to Mr. Karen McKelin, Executive director, International Student Initiative at the University of British Columbia (UBC), “Their University is experiencing a sharp increase in applications of Indian Students for undergraduate courses. More than 300 Indian students have registered at their university for undergraduate students as compared to only 200 students in 2016.

The government of Canada is going to implement the liberalization in immigration and visa policies of the nation to attract more and more international students. Canada is the home of many Indian immigrants from years. Almost every immigration and visa organization is offering their services for Canada. Diverse Immigration Services is one of such company providing Immigration and Visa Services for different countries including Canada.

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