Safety measures taken while riding an escalator

An escalator is a device which is used for easy transportation of passengers within a building. It works just like a moving staircase. An escalator works on a motor with moving tracks. It has also a handrail attached to it which works as a support for fellow passengers. While moving in an escalator while surely reduce time and stress, one needs to take care of some procedures while boarding an escalator for the individual as well as others safety. Therefore, let us have a look at some of the safety measures by Hybon Elevators and Escalators that one should take while boarding an escalator-While entering escalators- While entering escalators, one should

  • Watch the moving stair and step on with extra care
  • Be extra careful if you are having some eye problems
  • If carrying children, hold them firmly
  • Get hold of the handle as soon as you have put the first step on
  • Never step into escalator going in opposite direction
  • Do not carry heavy luggage while traveling in an escalator

While riding escalators– While an individual is on an escalator, one should

  • Keep the loose clothes in your hand
  • Avoid wearing slippers or sandals. Wear hard-soled shoes
  • Do not stand at the sides of an escalator
  • Face towards the destined direction and have a firm grip on the handrail
  • Don’t climb the steps. The steps are automatically moving. Just wait for few seconds and you will reach your destination
  • Don’t let children sit on the handrail

While exiting escalators- While exiting escalator one should

  • Don’t be in a hurry to step off quickly
  • Carefully step at the end of the escalator. An individual should be quick and should not hesitate at that time
  • Clear the area immediately for allowing other passengers to exit

Make the full use of an escalator as they reduce your valuable time and energy but follow this above procedure to be safe while traveling in an escalator. After all, your life is precious. In order to reach your destination quickly, never put it in danger. Follow the above procedures and utilize the escalator in the best way possible.