Denouncing the strikes on Syria by the US, France and UK as an act of aggression Russian President Vladimir Putin made a clear statement, that Russia supports Syria.

Although he talked about the strikes he made no mention of any possible retaliation which eased fears of a World War like situation

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the dozens of missiles and bombs fired at a few sites on Saturday couldn’t enter the Russian Airspace guarded advance systems and caused no damage or casualties either for Syria or for Russia.


According to US officials, the strikes were larger than what was ordered a year ago by President Trump, these strikes were limited to a few targets like the chemical-weapons program.

Russia’s top military commander warned, last month that Russian forces will definitely shoot down any missiles and their launchers that threaten its personnel, which further fueled fears of a collision of the world powers

Andrei Klimov, deputy chairman of the international affairs committee in the upper house of parliament in Moscow was quoted as saying “We’re not talking about a direct military conflict between Russia and the U.S.,”

He also added that “The Americans and their allies did everything to make sure they didn’t hit Russian units.”

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that there were no immediate plans for more attacks. The attack on Saturday was considered minor and would not threaten the Syrian regime’s survival which is a key Russian priority.

Military action against a sovereign state violated International law Putin said in a statement.

According to General Sergei Rudskoi, while he was speaking from the Russian capital, Syrian forces using Soviet-designed systems intercepted 71 of the 103 cruise missiles launched, including at six airfields

The US hasn’t provided any report about the efficacy and the success of the attack.

There were fears all around the world of a world war like situation developing with the Syrian strikes. The act of aggression could fuel a retaliation and start a war. But with the Russian statement and no eminent threat to the Syrian regime, the situation seems to have mellowed down.

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